About Taurus

Venus rules this earthy and fixed sign of the zodiac. People born in this sign are of middle stature. They are plump and muscular. They usually have broad foreheads, a prominent neck, dark hair and are generally fair complexioned. They are very kind hearted, generous, highly ambitious, practical, trust worthy and artistic people. At the same time, they are materialistic and are known for their down-to-earth approach. Endowed with a good personality, they have tremendous patience and immense will power. They are always cheerful and smiling and they are remarkable in displaying their affection and care for others. They love beauty and beautiful things. They love to travel to far off places. Music, art and artistic pursuits could be their best diet. Generally, they are simple, honest and dependable persons but at times, they are so diplomatic that it becomes quite difficult to understand them. They are lucky in their careers and enjoy good status and command at their work places. They usually acquire good wealth and enjoy all the comforts of life. Their matter of fact approach towards life, coupled with patience, brings them appreciable results. They are fond of luxury and ornaments, which must not only be beautiful but also expensive. They have a deep insight and their intuition power is quite strong. Interestingly, the dreams that they see have significant meanings at times. If the sign or Venus is afflicted in the birth chart, the person develops negative traits. Looking at the negative side, they can also become quite obstinate, lazy, prejudiced and highly possessive. At times, they lose good opportunities due to their stubbornness and rigidity. One needs to curb such tendencies to attain high positions in life. They usually enjoy good financial status and their spouses are very co-operative and supportive.

Taurus In Love

Individuals belonging to the Taurus club are really slow in the matters of love. They like to go slow when they are attracted to someone. Once they are sure about it they will take time and analyze the situation with all the negatives and positives. They are passionate but give importance to patience in the matters of love. As soon as they are sure about their feelings, they will try to win the person with care. It is hard for them to admit that the person admires them for what they are. This trait will draw people away from them and a relationship will work only if the other person is ready to accept them, the way they are. They take time to arouse sexually but once they are it is difficult to pull them back. They just can’t afford to get hurt and this is the reason that they need to be sure of everything. On the negative side, individuals belonging to the Taurus club are highly possessive. More the love more is the possessiveness and this is the reason that their partners do not feel comfortable with them. They should aim to make their loved ones happy and should not try to own them or dominate them.

Taurus Man

Taurus born men face each and every challenge in their life with strong determination and pride. He is known to be the center of strength, resolve and persistence. Taurus man are patient and off course workaholic. He finds himself amidst of luxury and comfort, classical art, good life, fine food and expensive wine. Love, Romance and Relationships A Taurus man is highly sensual and good physical as he reacts better to gentle touch when compared to cracking whip. He likes the closeness and consistency existing in relationship. Understanding Taurus Men Taurus man are unbelievably stubborn to finish whatever he starts in his life. Taurus born man will be extremely cautious about their life and manage them inside their comfort zone. Money Taurus man are highly materialistic and exploit every single step to secure their life financially. Taurus man are experts in buying good quality items at cheaper rate. Fashion Taurus man will fill his wardrobe with pale blue and mauve colored casual shirts and silk ties. He loves to shop for shoes and clothing as per latest trend to please self. Relationships Taurus man will give his complete commitment till the time his partner gives the same. He will be highly self-conscious and slightly reserved, quiet and even subdued. Romance Taurus man is neither adventurous nor boring. He is a sensual and affectionate person but take lot of time before entering into relationship. He makes his partner to realize his likes. Health Taurus man love for good food and more prone towards extra weight. However most of them are aware of this and strongly exploit their willpower to maintain their fitness.

Taurus Women

The Taurus Woman becomes quite aggressive when she is pushed towards the corner. She has the ability to withstand tough times and has considerable amount of emotional strength. Taurus Woman has a strong character and stands firmly on what she thinks. She is tender and caring too. Love Taurus women appreciate sweetness and light in love. She is true to her heart and looks for a steady relation. Relationships Taurus women are more committed and devoted than any other women. Provided you are the right person, she will be the perfect partner for you. Friendships Taurus women like to continue with their friendship throughout their life. She likes to be in touch consistantly and is loyal also. Career Taurus women are quite dedicated towards their work and they can work out their life for you provided they are paid well. Money Taurus women have good financial sense and can be asked for advice in financial matters. She is well aware of the system and knows how to take full advantage of it. Family Taurus women know who she can be a good mother, but she is not as strict as is required. She does not like lazy people. Health Taurus women usually have soft and melodious voice. They should make sure that they do not put too much stress on their health. Fashion Taurus women like to spend money only on quality clothes and admire to have fine fabrics.

Taurus Child

The children born with Taurus Zodiac sign are usually peaceful and want a comfortable life around them. Taurus children do not accept abrupt changes. One very positive aspect about Taurus born child is their commitment. But these children are also occasionally stubborn and crave for physical love. Love of the familiar Taurus born child is a peace lover, he likes to grow in harmony. He is also very sensitive by nature. Preparing for change A Taurus child finds it very difficult to accept changes in life. Moving out of company or a relation worries him. Sense of commitment Children born with Taurus Zodiac signs are very much committed to the relationship they enter. Their commitment helps them receive admiration. Strong streak of obstinacy A Taurus child loves to play their cards in the way they feel is right. They cannot digest someone else dictating the terms. A fearsome temper Usually Taurus born is quite. However, if somebody triggers them they may even become furious and explode. Craving for physical love A Taurus child can be easily pleased with the affection and caring attitude. They fall for the love received from their loved ones.

Taurus Health Horoscope

They have tremendous stamina and strength. They need to avoid overindulgence in foods and drinks. Generally they enjoy good health but they are prone to suffer from either of these diseases: throat afflictions, tonsils, ear and nose problems, constipation and apoplexy. They should pay special attention towards their blood pressure and diabetes. Regular yoga and exercise will help them to shed weight and keep them physically fit.

Taurus Finance Horoscope

Being extremely health conscious, Taurus feels wealthy only in the presence of security and comfort. Taurus defines wealth in the form of furniture, home, car and refreshing holidays. Taurus can increase their finance either through agriculture business or by running an estate agency. Taurus expresses their love to earth by owning their own piece of land. In the process of increasing their Finance, Taurus dedicatedly enhances their communication and intellectual ability. In their effort, Taurus develops their potency of flexibility. Only through their search of material and wealth, Taurus reaches an increased intellectual status. Few among these Taurus are gifted to win every single speculation or gambling. Taurus people cannot be described as gamblers but they are really hard workers who love to possess what they deserve. The conservatism in Taurus people may put their finance at unexpected risks. It may also affect various other areas of Taurus life. The planet Venus rules materialistic things and worldly pleasures. Hence they make best of efforts to attain all the comforts and amenities of the life. They enjoy a good financial status and acquire enormous wealth. They understand the value of money; at the same time they acquire whatever they desire.

Taurus Love Compatibility

Taurus Love Aries

A Taurus analyze the situation properly before starting to work on it, an Aries is always in a hurry, on the other hand. A Taurus puts his views in a gentle way before someone, but Aries likes to dominate. A Taurus thinks for future, but an Aries finishes work very quickly. In case these two zodiac signs fall in love they will have to overcome lots of challenges to adjust with each other. This relation can work in a wonderful manner provided both of them make effort to respect and understand each other. Taurus provides commitment and solidity to the rash behavior of Aries. The exciting and curious nature of Taurus fills lots of color in Taurus life. Aries Man and Taurus Woman According to the stars a Taurus woman and an Aries man can never become a good match. There is love in the beginning, but it will soon fade away as he has a reckless behavior and does not want to stay at home, she is quite opposite of this. She has a peaceful and serious behavior which makes him feel bored as he is filled with passion and energy. His passionate behavior will attract her in the beginning but she will get annoyed soon with his over confidence. Aries Woman and Taurus Man A Taurus man is romantic by nature and loves his home. On the other hand, an Aries woman likes to spend time outside. She wants to meet with new people and like to explore new things. An Aries woman is spendthrift but he does not like to spend uselessly. There will be problem between them on the monetary front also. This relation can go a long way provided both of them overcome their autonomy and unaffectedness.

Taurus Love Taurus

Taurus people believe in obligation, reliability and stability. This relation can have a high compatibility level due to their virtues. However, problem is created between them because of their obstinacy. Both of them have definite views. However, this obstacle can be crossed easily if both of them become compassionate about each other. This relation can be dull as both of them are less willing to involve in fun activities and are quite constant. Both of them are quite careful in monetary terms so there will be no problem there. Both of them are honest to each other so rare stretch of envy can be sorted out easily. This relation can turn out to be the most compatible one if they are able to control their inflexibility. They are on each other’s side in any situation. There is lot of devotion, concern and romance in this relation.

Taurus Love Gemini

Taurus people plan a lot to move ahead in life, they never take a decision in hurry. On the other hand, Gemini people are quite impatient. They are also not reliable at times. These characteristics can cause lot of problem between them particularly when they are in a relation. Gemini has an amusing nature which attracts Taurus, but they get bored in each other’s company easily. This can cause lot of tension in their life. The agitation of one collides with the coolness of the other. Gemini always searches for someone to make a decision, while a Taurus is independent. Gemini is adversely affected by the possessive nature of Taurus as she like freedom. This relation can be a good one provided they are able to handle their differences. Gemini has to learn some stability in life, while Taurus has to leave things. Taurus Man and Gemini Woman A Taurus man is able to attract a Gemini woman easily. There is no certainty in the long term stability of this relation. A Taurus man is enthralled by her sell-assurance, extrovert nature and long lasting vigor. Her lively character may be choked by his possessiveness. This relation can become excellent, if they control their differences. Taurus Woman and Gemini Man There is less compatibility in a relation between a Taurus man and a Gemini woman. He faithfulness does not go well with his irresponsible and eager nature. She may become envious because of the testing nature of a Gemini man. He may consider her lacking in adventurous feeling and too anticipated.

Taurus Love Cancer

There are many similarities between a Cancer and a Taurus. They like to spend time with each other in a calm atmosphere and both of them are responsive. They get along with each other smoothly as both of them are of friendly nature. None of them is competing with the other, they are happy in living in a small house. Cancer likes the generous nature of Taurus. Cancer is free in depicting in love for him and gives love to Taurus family. This love match can be best among all if they overcome their slight differences. Taurus Man and Cancer Woman A Cancer woman and a Taurus man are made for one another. She always supports his thought process. Both of them are able to accomplish each other’s wants and are very emotional. Apart from this, she gets security from his defensive approach. Taurus Woman and Cancer Man There is eternal love between a Cancer man and a Taurus woman. Her kindness and softness keeps him stable. He likes the comfort provided by her and in return he provides devotion to her. Both of them stand for each other and are rather sincere. The success of this relation depends on the fact that both are straight forward.

Taurus Love Leo

Both, Taurus and Leo are rigid and stiff by nature. This relation can have some problem because of the differences; however, they have permanent relation. Taurus likes to be with some close people only and is of reserved nature; on the other hand, Leo likes to gain attention. They will be able to understand each other in spite of this difference. This relation may go into big problem because of their persistent nature. Taurus Man and Leo Woman The most common thing in this relation is that both are extremely fervent. However, this can also be a cause of problem between them at times. They are different from each other on the monetary terms. He has an immovable nature and she has to get involved for adjustment. She will show enough patience, if he can keep control. Both are evenly good in terms of faithfulness and attachment. Taurus Woman and Leo Man A Leo man and a Taurus woman can get in a long term relation provided they become flexible to each other. They have mutual respect for one another. She should keep a check on her anger. Leo man likes to have attention from people. He likes her faithful nature. This relation can be a good match if both of them keep a check on their deviation.

Taurus Love Virgo

Virgo and Taurus have similar traits and there is sensibility in both of them. There is great agreement between them, and no one is irresponsible and over-spending. Both of them like to live in present. The jealous nature of Taurus may put off Virgo at times. Both of them are not really interested in travelling and like to be at home. They should learn to spend for one another. This relation can be one of the best if little adjustments are made. Taurus Man and Virgo Woman She is always trying to control, but he is always excited by nature. She is fascinated by his profound sentiments and she tries to do the best for him. Both of them are faithful and devoted to each other. She should allow him to go at his speed and should keep a check on her condemn nature. Taurus Woman and Virgo Man Both of them are attracted towards each other as they are filled with obligations and safety. She acknowledges the passion in him to reach his destination. He likes expression of love and romance. She takes life as it comes and has an organized nature and is appreciated by him. Both of them have similar nature and like to express care and love for each other.

Taurus Love Libra

A Libra and a Taurus keep themselves away from any kind of dispute. They have a kind, mild and sociable nature. They live life with peace. There are certain problems between them in spite of these virtues. Libra loves to be at home, but Taurus has a friendly nature. The hesitancy of the Libra collides with the persistence of a Taurus. This relation can become enjoyable if they learn to adjust with one another. A Taurus is influenced by ambassadorial Libra with a little love. Taurus Man and Libra Woman A Libra man and a Taurus woman are attracted to each other, but there is no certainty about the long term relation between them. She is attracted towards his enthusiasm and he is a responsive man. He likes to spend time in the comfort of home, but she likes to go out and meet new people. He is very possessive and this makes her really uncomfortable. Taurus Woman and Libra Man The differences will start appearing from the beginning. Both of them are highly passionate and romantic. However, this is the only common point between them. Taurus woman becomes anxious as a Libra man never promises early. She should learn to have patience. He likes her strong will power. This relation can be a good one if both of them learn to adjust somewhat.

Taurus Love Scorpio

A Scorpio and Taurus are strong couple. They have a common nature at least at the academic level. They are one of the best in terms of compatibility. Scorpio and Taurus are very domineering. There is lot of emotional content in Scorpio. Both of them needs to compromise at times and they are firm by nature. They must learn how to express their feeling in front of the other partner. Both of them are extremely loyal, however, there may be doubt at times, other than this, there is no permanent problem. This relation will certainly work if they adjust a little. Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Taurus man and Scorpio woman can make their relation very strong with real efforts. They have some common negative traits which can make it difficult to have long term compatibility. Both of them are jealous and overprotective by nature and they are obstinate. Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Both, Scorpio man and Taurus woman are very strong thinkers. He never makes any effort to tell her about this thing, even though he realizes the consequences. This relation can work well if both of them learn to agree when they disagree and respect each other’s feeling.

Taurus Love Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Taurus are different in some respect and are common in other. The Sagittarius likes to meet with new people, party and travelling. The Taurus is more of a homely person. Sagittarius may find Taurus too boring. The regular changing personality of Sagittarius is a cause of worry for the Taurus. This relation can turn out to be good if they learn to appreciate one another’s quality and make the most of it. Taurus should give some freedom to Sagittarius. This relation can be incredible if the wisdom and practicality of Taurus is balanced by the recklessness of Sagittarius. Both of them should not try to change the other person; rather try to balance out each other. Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Taurus man tries to rule over her, and wants her to follow all the suggestions made by him. This is something very difficult for a Sagittarius woman to follow. She likes to have freedom. Her hesitancy and his inflexibility will be at odd ends with each other. This relation can find some compatibility. Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man The Taurus female is attracted towards the gregarious, passionate and daring nature of Taurus man. This is something quite different from her and this is why she is attracted to him. She likes to spend time at home and he wants to spend time outside from home. This relation has the potential to go a long way.

Taurus Love Capricorn

Capricorn and Taurus are expedient. Both of them have their own world. They are same on devout and idealistic phase. Both of them pay due attention to all aspects of life. This relation gets its strength from reliability, belief and dependability. None of them is over spending so there is absurdity on the financial front. Capricorn gets lots of support from Taurus in realizing his dreams. In the company of Capricorn there is security for Taurus. Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman A relation between a Capricorn woman and a Taurus man will not be able to find happiness throughout their life. Both of them give company to each other. She is attracted towards his romantic nature and strong ardor. He gets protection from her always. They give each other love and mutual understanding. There is nothing they cannot achieve when they are together. Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Capricorn man and a Taurus woman find an ideal companion in each other. He gets comfort from her loyalty, trust and love. In return, he gives it all to make her feel special. He is always standing for her and she never feels lonely with him. This relation is remarkable even though there are some differences.

Taurus Love Aquarius

A Taurus person believes in straight forwardness and realism. He has a sensible opinion towards life. Aquarius believes in taking a modern approach and likes to break rules. There can be major problem in this relation as Aquarian inflexibility collides with the obstinacy of Taurus. However, one they set their mind on something, both of them are determined. Aquarius is rigid many times and this can cause problem. This relation can be one of the best, if they are able to resolve their differences. Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman There is very less probability that an Aquarius woman and a Taurus man can have a good match. They are common to certain extent in the starting stages of the relationship. His fundamental customs conflicts with his conservative thoughts and he becomes envious because of her outgoing nature. Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Taurus woman has her own ideas and is independent. However, Aquarius man has a rigid personality. Even though he has lots of problems in life still he manages to live with fun. He makes her laugh and excites her. His irresponsible nature is balanced by her constancy. This relation can succeed if they are able to check their immovable nature.

Taurus Love Pisces

Pisces and Taurus people have a thoughtful outlook. They look for mutual agreement in a relation. The softness of Pisces makes Taurus fall in love. The stability of Taurus is the attraction point for Pisces. A Taurus person believes in practicality and simplicity. The likes and dislikes of Pisces are not clear. Taurus has definite views, but Pisces has not concrete ideas. However, the imagination of a Piscean is less clear than the practicality of Taurus. Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Taurus man and Pisces woman are mutually passionate in nearly each and every aspect of life and this is the reason for their long term compatibility. His serenity balances out her peculiarity and instability. Both of them are romantic. She likes him for his profundity and bravery and he makes her feel. Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Loyalty and devotion of Taurus woman removes any type of anxiety in him. He takes life as it comes. He likes to dream and share it with her and she motivated him to turn those dreams into reality. His academic depth and charm draw her closer to him. This match can work wonderfully if they can overcome their disputes.

Taurus Marriage Compatibility

Taurus Weds Aries

This relation is 1 – 2. This alliance is not going to be good. Conflict will occur in this relation as the two will not be able to cooperate on many fronts. Even though there is love and affection, it will be difficult to continue this relation. Financial matters can also lead to trouble in this relation.

Taurus Weds Taurus

This relation is 1 – 1, so it can be a good association. Both of you will be attached to each other physically, emotionally and economically. However, you need to take care of misinterpretation and miscommunication at times.

Taurus Weds Gemini

This relation is 2 – 12 or 1 – 2, meaning it can be a good match. There will be a feeling of adjustment and cooperation from one side. There can be some deliberation, something which cannot be ruled out. An imperative role will be played by Taurus to continue this relation.

Taurus Weds Cancer

This relation is 1 – 3, which means it will be permanent and fortunate. Cancer will get complete pleasure and satisfaction from Taurus. Both of them will have tremendous understanding. This relation will move ahead on its own with making any effort.

Taurus Weds Leo

This relation is square or 1 – 4. Taurus is stubborn and Leo is arrogant. They will not cooperate and there will be no eternal relationship. Even though they have considerable understanding and love, it will be difficult for them to continue.

Taurus Weds Virgo

This relation is trine or 1 – 5, which is considered most excellent among all. Rational Taurus will provide many pleasant moments and great treasure to realistic and insightful Virgo through his cooperative and compromising nature. You can easily rely on this long lasting and reliable relationship. There is no second thought in saying that both of you are soul mates.

Taurus Weds Libra

This relation is 1 – 6. This means it will not be lucky. Both of them are ruled by planet Venus. Uncomplaining Taurus will not find any compromise from Libran. Therefore, it is an unwelcoming relation. This relation is not recommended at all.

Taurus Weds Scorpio

This relation is a contradictory one or 1 – 7. There is no shortage of great physical appeal. However, there can be problem in prolonged existence. Life can be depressed and cursing so there is no need to think of long term courtship.

Taurus Weds Sagittarius

This tie-up is 8 – 6 or 1 – 8 one. This means it will not be propitious and fine. Taurus will find it difficult to get along with extrovert Sagittarius as he is domineering. Life can be gloomy and unhappy. This relation will always have disappointment and may not continue for long.

Taurus Weds Capricorn

This is a trine or 1 – 9 relation. This is considered to be a good relation. It will be fortunate for both of you to be in this relation. This can be a reliable, truthful and enduring relation. They are made for each other and they are prudent, realistic and conventional.

Taurus Weds Aquarius

This is a square or 1 – 10 relation. Aquarian will find it difficult to go along with loving Taurus. This relation will have consistent miscommunication and misunderstanding. Both of them will be lucky for each other, therefore, it can be said that all is not lost.

Taurus Weds Pisces

This relation is 1 – 11. Taurus is polite and tolerant and is comfortable in the company of Piscine. This relation will have romance, love and excitement. Both of them are lucky for each other. It is good for wedding as there is loyalty, stability and consistency in this relation.

Taurus Lucky Things