About Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac; it is also the second earthly sign. The planet Mercury rules it. They are generally tall and have a slim physique. They have prominent and thick eyebrows. They have dark hair and attractive face. Due to their active nature and inclination towards physical activities they will have robust health and look much younger than their actual age. Due to the strong presence of Mercury, Virgos would always be knowledgeable. They will be well read and will be able to provide information on large and varied topics. They are sensitive, trustworthy, generous and self-conscious by nature. They cannot see the pain of others and go out of the way to help those in need. Mercury also makes Virgos very methodical and systematic, they verify their work twice to make sure there is no mistake. They are hard working, extremely practical and with a great appetite for details. They thrive on constant activity and have a lot of nervous energy to burn. The trouble is that they find it very difficult to relax and get nervous even over very small things. They find relaxation in the work and hence always remain restless. If Mercury, the ruling planet, is in Libra, there will be a greater ability to relax. Precision and neatness are natural to them and go with purity that is depicted by the symbol of sun sign itself. They appreciate things of beauty and they are very tidy by nature and like to keep there surrounding highly clean. They possess a very analytical and logical mind so in their conversations they try to give as much details as possible. Being highly refined and sophisticated Virgos expect too much from others. They are generally not satisfied with others work and try to pick mistakes in their work. The Virgo's flair for details dominates their personality. Mercury has a powerful bearing on the Virgo's going off on a tangent. However, if Virgo is the Sun-sign and Mercury is in Virgo, the native will have a better grasp of the total situation than otherwise.

Virgo in Love

Your charismatic personality will draw the attention of the opposite sex towards you. This is a natural gift to all the Virgos. In the matters of love, your modesty lets you think that the other person might not take you seriously. This is what brings you down the lane and restricts you from approaching someone. Virgos lack self-esteem. All they need to be is the perfect blend of confidence and modesty. They should opt for the middle path. Being a Virgo, you oppose all sorts of emotional or sexual involvement. You believe that people find you less attractive and this needs to be fixed, otherwise this will stay with you throughout your life. This may not be common in all the Virgos but the one who feel this way, should try to work on his/her thinking or should try to seek help from a friend or a professional counselor. They should try to concentrate in overcoming the negativity and one day they will have a relationship that they have always dreamt of. You should try to experiment with something new that adds spark in your life, which boosts up the relationship and it is definite that your partner will appreciate it.

Virgo Man

Virgo men are well known for their methodical, efficient and hard working capabilities. Virgo men possess extra-ordinary sense of duty that makes him to work towards something good. He is closely associated with purity and modesty with fair and balanced attitude. Virgo man can be acknowledged as powerhouse of energy who always performs physically or mentally. Love, Sex, Romance, and Relationships Virgo man sees all the pros and cons before getting engaged in love. He is more thoughtful and faithful in relationships. Virgo man deals sex as an affair, very demanding in bedroom. Understanding Virgo Man Virgo men are amazing perfectionist who always searches for improvement in life. He rarely attain satisfaction and extremely analytical. He is not so good in enjoying relationships and life. Money Virgo men belong to the category of conservative investors who are more interested on long term stability. He always maintains a separate pocket for rainy day. Fashion Virgo man prefers to have conservative grey and navy blue in his wardrobe. Virgo men are amazingly meticulous about their looks and try to maintain stylish and sophisticated lifestyle. Relationships Virgo men are not very good at emotions and thus seem to be reserved and unapproachable. He is very particular in choosing his partner. They are very good in making fabulous friendships. Romance Virgo man strive his best to maintain loving and strong relationship. He wants continuous improvements even in bedroom. Virgo man may prove to be surprising in order to please his partner. Health Virgo men are highly prone to indigestion and peptic ulcers because of his worrying nature. He often exercises and badly in need of relation and stress-relieving techniques.

Virgo Women

The Virgo woman carries herself perfectly and she charms everything and everyone she comes across. She always thinks in a practical manner and her decisions are not made on imagination. Virgo Woman takes care of every detail and she maintains her calm at all times and is usually not of fiery nature. Love Virgo women have the inner strength and determination when it comes to matter of the heart. Her faith is not shaken easily. Relationships Virgo women are loyal and reliable provided they are completely attached. Before they make any type of commitment, they will check all the aspects. Friendships Virgo women will be there with you at every important aspect of life. She will provide any type of help at any time of the day. Career Virgo women can be found as doctor, librarian, accountant and government employee. They can play multiple roles with ease. Money Due to her practical nature, Virgo women do not like to take risks in financial matters. Family Virgo women provide strength to her family and works tirelessly for all the members of the family. Health Virgo women are too considerate about everything in her life, which may cause health issues like indigestion and ulcers. Fashion Virgo women carry themselves in a proper manner. Anything and everything they wear is exactly as they like.

Virgo Child

Children born with Virgo Zodiac sign always display perfection in their activities and are always organized. Virgo children have curious minds and show enthusiasm in learning new things. A Virgo child will have to be taught to laugh and remain happy. Little helpful angels Virgo child are real angels, they have the helping attitude since childhood and hence it becomes easy to up bring them. Lively enquiring minds Virgo child are usually curious and strive tremendously to find satisfying answers to their curious doubts. This makes their fundamentals very strong. The devil is in the details They are well organized, good in their work and hence love the admiration of all the people they come into contact. Aim for perfectionism A Virgo child will grow up to become the favorite employee. Their keen sense of perfectionism will prove as an asset to the organization. Feeling blue The children born with Virgo Zodiac sign have a habit to remain perfect at all times and this occasionally changes their behavior and outlook of common aspects.

Virgo Health Horoscope

Virgos are highly sensible people and like to lead a simple life. They generally enjoy good health with long life. They have an active childhood and they are fond of physical activities and sports. They have a tendency to look younger than their actual age and mix well with all possible age groups. But they have a tendency to be careless about their diet, which might lead to some problems at times. They are likely to suffer from stomach problems. Virgos have a tendency to exaggerate; hence even minor problems will look very large to them. Small issues would be taken very seriously, bringing tension and stress to their mind. They definitely need to be more particular about their rest, diet and exercise.

Virgo Finance Horoscope

Virgo-born is not good managers but they are great leaders. Virgo’s are outstanding in handling the general overall process but not in in-depth management. Virgo possesses lot of vision and creativity. Virgo need finance for the various pleasure it deliver. Virgo is more attracted towards luxurious lifestyle filled with glamour and pomp. Even if they don’t have money, Virgo’s live a lavish lifestyle. Because of this, at times, there may be financial crisis in Virgo life. Finance for Virgo is to help people economically. Virgo’s Finance is mostly in procuring managerial capability and other services. Virgo tends to generate job opportunity for people around them. According to Virgo, money should be enjoyed. The 2nd house of Virgo is occupied by Virgo which insists the need to develop the characteristics of discrimination, analysis and purity in money matters. Virgo finances his friends and family just for pleasure. Virgo also enjoys financial speculations which are mostly lucky for them. Virgos have a tendency to lead a life, which is not monotonous and boring. They are highly spendthrifts, even when they have limited resources. They are born rich but tend to lose lot of money in their lifetime because of their tendency to take hasty decisions. But overall, Virgos tend to be lucky where finance is concerned, as they are always able to manipulate finances to take care of their needs.

Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo Love Aries

Aries and Virgo believe in factual truth and are very honest. However, Aries is not careful in taking any step, which is a major difference between them. He thinks about the consequences of a work after it has already been done. One the other hand, a Virgo thinks many times before taking any type of step. Aries is too overgenerous and Virgo is too vigilant and this can cause problem in this relation. Virgo finds it difficult to adjust with the rash nature of Aries. Aries does not care about the method used in achieving a goal; he is only concerned with the results. Aries have to restrain his hastiness and Virgo has to control his peaky in order to make this relation work.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is quite fussy and Aries man finds it difficult to survive with such as person. He does not pay attention to rules and principles and does not follow the guidelines set out by her. This relation will have lots of arguments.

Aries Woman and Virgo Man

It is easy for a Virgo man and an Aries woman to get in a relationship. However, they will find it difficult to keep the spark alive. Both of them are quite different in nature. Her nature is impulsive and he is much planned. She only believes in making fun. On the other hand, he believes in future planning. They can become a good match provided they are able to manage this difference.

Virgo Love Taurus

There are many common traits between Taurus and Virgo. There is sensibility in both of them, and there is considerable amount of agreement between them. None of them is irresponsible and over-spending. Both of them live in present. However, Virgo may not like the jealous nature of Taurus at times. Both of them are not really fond of travelling and like to spend time at home. This match can be one of the best provided some adjustments are made.  

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman

Virgo woman always like to be in control and Taurus man is excited by nature. She gets fascinated by his profound sentiments and she tries bringing in the best for him. Both of them are faithful and devoted to each other. However, she should allow him to go at his speed and control her condemn nature.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man

Both of them are filled with obligations and safety and these are the main attraction pint between them. She gets the feeling of passion in his attitude to achieve his aim. He likes expression of love and romance. He like her ability to take life as it comes and organized nature. Both of them like to express love and care for each other.

Virgo Love Gemini

Gemini people are intelligent and cogent. Same characteristics are found in Virgo. This relation can be a good one, particularly at the academic level. Both of them have a vigilant, careful and quite approach towards life. Both of them see things in a practical manner. However, certain attributes are on the negative side, which may lead to confusion in this relation. This match can definitely work if they learn to respect each other.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

A Gemini man is attracted to a Virgo woman. Both of them are contend with each other in the beginning. However, different issues crop up in the long run. Both of them engage in soul-satisfying communication. She may become envious because he has a flirting nature. The best part of this relation is that both of them have feelings for each other and have perfect synchronization.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man

A Virgo man and a Gemini woman are good in understanding each other’s thoughts. They are good in sharing opinions and emotions. However, they are able to do so only to a certain extent at personal level. In case they learn to respect other person’s opinions and be honest to each other than this relation can last forever. They should also find ways through which they can overcome her indiscretion and his serious nature.

Virgo Love Cancer

Cancer and Virgo is a good compatibility match although they are different from each other. Virgo is quite introvert by nature and Caner is quite tolerant. Cancer finds affection from Virgo in his life. However, both of them are injured very easily and they must learn to manage this characteristic of their. Virgo must exercise extra care. Cancer is somewhat insensitive and is too perceptive. Cancer can teach Virgo to be patient. On the other hand, Virgo can teach Cancer to be practical and rational in life. This relation can be really good.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman and a Cancer man can really be a good couple. Both of them are compatible which enable them to continue their connection. He can make her fell in love. She feels sheltered and safe with him. None of them have a jealous nature and both of them are really dependable, faithful and genuine.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

A Virgo man and a Cancer woman believe in contentment and permanent love. Both of them give high importance to safety in a relationship. Both of them are extremely sincere and dependable and she is as devoted as he is. On the romantic front there can be no problem. Both of them respect each other’s opinions and desires.

Virgo Love Leo

Leo and Virgo and two different zodiac signs that can combine well in a romantic relationship, if they meet each other at the right time. Leo is an extroverted and enthusiastic person, while Virgo is reserved and shy. It takes time for their relationship to build itself, but then it can go from strength to strength once both the parties have developed mutual understanding and strength. Both the Leo man and Virgo woman are different in terms of their behavior and approaches to life, hence they will have a lot they can teach each other. Leo will bring passion and excitement to Virgo’s life, while the composure of the latter will help calm the Lion’s ever-jumbled and sometimes hyper nerves. By the same token, the association of the Virgo man and Leo woman may also need an apprehensive approach towards their relationship. Pros and Cons of the Leo and Virgo Compatibility Pros of the Leo Virgo Relationship: Leo is a Fire sign while Virgo is an Earth sign. They are both set in their ways, but also have a unique understanding between them. Since they are next to each other on the zodiac chart, their bond grows due to the innate sense of oneness that they have with each other. Leo is likely to take the centre stage wherever this couple goes, and the introverted and shy Virgo is more than happy to be at the sidelines. However, when the signs are at home, the Maiden will bring in a certain amount of dominance to the table. This will make their relationship balanced and will give both of them to shine at their most comfortable spots. Virgo’s practicality and sense of order will help the Lion solve many serious problems with nothing but plain application of logic. On the other hand, Leo’s ebullience will help Virgo enjoy life more and take it a little less seriously, which might just be a good thing for the Maiden

Virgo Love Virgo

The Virgo and Virgo love match is very good as both have the same qualities and set of convictions on which they can build the trust that is imperative for any relationship to survive in the long run. They should keep it in mind that they need to compliment each other and not be overzealous to dominate the other partner. It is possible that when one partner questions the trust of the other, the same doubt will bounce back on them and the Virgo Virgo love compatibility could go for a toss.

Virgo Love Libra

Relation between a Libra and A Virgo is not a compatible one as they are of different nature. A Libra person likes to meet new people and talk with them. He does not find it difficult to accept opposite opinions and never judge people. A Virgo person is on the other corner, as he does not like to talk to people or meet with them. A Virgo may find a Libra as a vacillating and cowardly person. They can easily turn their different attitudes into their benefits by making attentive efforts. Both of them are in search of excellence, when we talk about same characteristics. This relation will have compatibility problem at the touching level. It is possible a Libra may break out the dangerous stare of a Virgo as he loves to achieve stability.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man

There is no compatibility in a relation between a Virgo man and a Libra woman. Their viewpoint towards life is completely different. She has a sensitive nature, but he thinks from the beginning. She is able to express her feelings freely and she is caring and loving too. He keeps a control on his emotions and is reticent. This match can go a long way provided she is able to overcome his cynicism with her hopeful nature.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man

A Libra man and a Virgo woman relation will not be able to find any compatibility. He has a touching approach towards everything in life, which contradicts with her common sense. She is troubled by his vacillating nature. She shows lot of enthusiasm about many things. In case both of them are able to accept each other’s position, have lots of communication and adjust on small issues, then this relation can go a long way.

Virgo Love Scorpio

A Virgo and a Scorpio has a wonderful relation, as both of them have a sensible approach towards life. A Scorpio person is more daring and intrepid than a Virgo. At times, he is very obstinate and strong. The bravado nature of the Scorpio comes across with the sensitive nature of the Scorpio. Both of them can complement their weaknesses and make use of their differences. There is a fairly high chance of having synchronization instead of violence. Their sentiments and approaches are the two important areas where both of them need to work to keep their relation together. On individual front they have the ability to overcome small obstacles.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

Relation between a Scorpio woman and a Virgo has good chance of turning into a long term one. They can balance each other in a wonderful manner and have many basic qualities. As far as romance is concerned he allows her to take the lead. She respects his efforts towards attaining excellence and he likes her resolve and strength. This relation is based on sympathy, loyalty and trust.

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man and a Virgo woman have a asserting and a happy life together. He has a profound passion which brings out the romance in her. He makes her to find out the secret of her nature, which she was not aware that she had. Her incredible amount of common sense is balanced by his intense emotions. Both of them are completely dedicated and loyal towards their partner and feel safe and protected with each other. At times they may not have similar opinion on the same topic.

Virgo Love Sagittarius

There is no similarity in this pair. A Virgo person likes to have a very definite perception about a situation, but a Sagittarius likes to have a wide view of any situation. All the points of a situation or problem are covered when both of them are working together on a problem. However, they must realize that both of them are good. The steady condemnation of Virgo makes Sagittarius feel angry. Both of them should keep their mind open in order to keep this relation going. A Virgo is precautious, systematic and very prepared; on the other hand, a Sagittarius can be too reckless, nippy and impulsive. Both of them never find it difficult to change themselves and are under mutable signs, this is the reason they are able to go along together.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman and a Virgo man will not be able to find long term compatibility. He keeps himself alone and does not like to mix with new people. She wants to live every moment to its maximum and has a very positive nature towards life. She may not be able t handle his negligent approach, serious nature and solemnity. His traditional character will not be able to mix with her unpredictable actions, wild nature and excessive enthusiasm. This relation is not so good.

Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man does not have competition with a Virgo woman in terms of basic character. He lives a life filled with escapade and enthusiasm and is untamed. She likes to stay away from any kind of trial and is very grave towards life. She is in need of complete protection, but he is not able to provide that. In real terms, there is high chance that he will make her feel anxious and nervous. He has teasing outlook and she believes in devotion. She exercise extreme caution and he is tired with this attitude.

Virgo Love Capricorn

A Virgo and a Capricorn have a very reasonable personality and have sensible viewpoint. They have grown up attitude, are totally dependable and can be easily trust upon. There are differences between them, but in a way that are able to get benefit out of it. The Capricorn likes to plan way ahead in life. He is thorough in his finishing and is particular in his planning. He moves slowly, but in a positive manner. Both of them are so dedicated towards their conduct that they tend to ignore the romance in their relation and flashes of pleasure. Therefore, they are required to make efforts so that repetition does not happen in their relation. A Capricorn and a Virgo are able to achieve anything in life provided they work together.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman

Something significant can come out of a relation between a Capricorn woman and a Virgo man. Both of them have an immediate and ongoing magnetism between each other. Their differences are also the same. He encourages him to come out with his hidden fervor and motivate him to approach candidly. They are able to harmonize each other entirely and they have perfect tuning between them. He is able to make her feel safe.

Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man and a Virgo woman have a very good relation between each other. Both of them appreciate each other completely. She holds him on his way to the destination and he helps her to understand her dreams. He is able to provide with all the wellbeing she is looking for. This relation is really good one.

Virgo Love Aquarius

An Aquarius and a Virgo have strong probability of achievement, as they are able to share wonderful mental coordination. They may not share the same standpoint but they do have different thoughts towards life. On the explicit characteristics of a situation, a Virgo is more anxious. The nature of Aquarius is totally conflicting. There can be a lack of friendliness, just like their love relation is fretful. Their personalities differ and their personalities disagree. There is no logic behind the moves made by an Aquarius, but everything is balanced on the part of a Virgo. Both of them should be considerate towards the wants and wishes of each other.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

A Virgo man and an Aquarius woman will have to do lot of hard work in case they are looking for long term relation here. She is filled with encouraging feeling, but he is a cynic. The tuning between them is not very promising and they are only connected to some level. They are able to achieve all their desires and thoughts and motivate each other to think big.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man

There is initial attraction between a Virgo woman and an Aquarius man. Other than that, there is hardly any characteristic that will get them together. His rational attitude towards life and his brains attracts her. She is also attracted towards his anxiety about the whole world and his free strength. With the passage of time, this attraction will fade away and the enthusiasm will go down.

Virgo Love Pisces

The relationship and compatibility between a Pisces and A Virgo can be good or bad. His life is as controlled and as designed as it can be and a Virgo has no confusion about anything in life. A Pisces lives in a faraway world he has designed on his own and is quite opposite of Virgo. On the contrary, a Piscean has a lot of welfare in life. The muddled existence of a Pisces conflicts with the thoroughness of a Virgo. This is the reason for reduction in compatibility. A Virgo finds it difficult to express feelings, but a Pisces is filled with fervor and relation. Lots of balancing hard work and sympathy is required to continue in this relation.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman

A Virgo Man and a Piscean woman will find it difficult to find happiness in this relation. She will be more hurt and vulnerable than ever before as he is not able to understand her compassion. She is left imperfect by the fact that he is not too exciting. She will find it difficult to adjust according to his pragmatic rules. Provided she is able to keep her female tricks away, she will get lot of admiration.

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man

He is attracted to her ability to look at things in a sensible and grown-up way and she is attracted towards his thinking ability. This relation will sail smoothly provided he is one of the people who grab the opportunity as it comes. They content expressively and inspire each other spiritually. However, he is lost in his own world and is of pensive type, it will be good if she ask him to come out of this.

Virgo Marriage Compatibility

Virgo Weds Aries

This relation is 1 – 6. Life will become a hell if you did not say no. it may bring in pain, sorrow and annoyance. Elegant and challenging Arian will be difficult to get along with for sensible and perceptive Virgo. There is no chance for long term relation or togetherness.

Virgo Weds Taurus

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relation. This relation is considered to be really good. Rational Taurus will be very cooperative, compromising and very good to the realistic and insightful Virgo. There will be lot of pleasant and treasured moments. You can easily rely on this reliable and long lasting relation. There is no doubt in saying that both of you are soul mates.

Virgo Weds Gemini

This is a square or 1 – 4 relation. Both of them are under the control of mercury. It will be really difficult for both of you to get along with each other. Specially, Gemini will not be comfortable with sensible and perceptive Virgo. The life will run down of delight, synchronization and calmness and they will not be able to understand each other.

Virgo Weds Cancer

This relation is 1 – 3. This relation will be lifelong, steadfast, reliable and an outstanding male-female relation. Cancer is expert in tackling sensible and responsive Virgo. Due to this reason this relation will move ahead.

Virgo Weds Leo

This relation is 1 – 2. This relation is not made for each other one. Your life will be completely tarnished if you decide to get in this relation. Virgo will find it difficult to get along with insensitive and bigheaded Leo. It is better to move away from this relation to conserve the harmony and serenity.

Virgo Weds Virgo

This relation is 1 – 1. Both of them can move ahead in this relation. Both of them are ruled by mercury. They will be happy physically but not on emotional and psychological front. Both of them are accountable, rational and realistic. This relation is good for getting in a business. Life will be without any fascination and will be boring.

Virgo Weds Libra

This relation is 1 – 2. The liberated and fun loving personality of imaginative Libra will not get along with receptive and perfect Virgo. There is not chance that this relation can go together. There will be no pleasure and charm in this relation. Things will not run smoothly and for without any reason life will become bothersome. Only physical enjoyment will be of no use and Virgo learns this soon.

Virgo Weds Scorpio

This elation is 1 – 3. This relation will be an outstanding one. Both of them will have confidence and faith in each other. Things will run smoothly, and both of you will be lucky for each other. Life will move ahead at a smooth pace overcome short misunderstanding that comes at times.

Virgo Weds Sagittarius

This is a square of 1 – 4 relation. This relation is not made for each other. Virgo is considerably receptive and he will find it difficult to move ahead with unpredictable, tough and insensitive Sagittarius. Calm, accord and smooth life will go away in case you enter in this relation.

Virgo Weds Capricorn

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relationship, which is always described as eternal and promising one. The life will be blissful and smooth as there is intense care and good understanding. This relation is an exceptional one and reliable. You can continue in this relation without hiccup.

Virgo Weds Aquarius

This relation is 1 – 6. You should think ten times before you get in this relation. In case you hesitate it will affect your psychology. No confirmation has been given by shastras in going in this relation. Married life may have dissonance, discomfort, unhappiness and disappointing. Say no without any hesitation.

Virgo Weds Pisces

This is a reverse or 1 – 7 relation. Domineering and accommodating Piscine will get along well with sensible and responsive Virgo. This relation will be filled with physical enjoyment. There can be misunderstanding at times which can cause botheration. In long term there will be no happiness so it is better to say no to get in this relation. This relation is not recommended strongly.

Virgo Lucky Things