About Leo

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is the central sign of the fiery triplicity. Ruled by Sun, there is nothing complicated about Leo - they are the king, the boss and the leader. They know that they are far better at organizing everyone else's life than they are capable of. And if they accept it, all will be well. They are affectionate, enthusiastic, cheerful and optimistic people. Their mission is to 'bring the sunshine into other people's lives'. It is a valuable quality, and they should not neglect it. Surprisingly, they are often sensitive and get hurt very easily. Not that they will demonstrate it. If they are treated unjustly, they will show great magnanimity. But if they get really angry, they will put on the full regal act at once. They will 'mount the throne' and make it clear in no uncertain terms that the impertinent fool who has been stupid enough to consider himself as equal, steps back to his `proper place.' Whatever may be the person's background, a Leo will always have a kingdom of some sort. They have a pronounced flair for drama. They can create scenes in order to be the center of attention. Their theatrical mind reflects in positive and lively ways too - in dressing splendidly, doing things in a big way, organizing outings, and altogether making sure they get the best of everything - as well as providing the best they can for others. They are extravagant; money slips through their fingers. They are not only adept at organizing other people, they themselves are hard workers, and can set a good example. People born in this sign have obvious faults. They can be intolerant, pompous and over dogmatic. A Leo should make a habit of reassessing their opinion as often as possible. They should try and make use of the natural, spontaneous, warm-hearted charm, which they undoubtedly possess.

Leo in Love

A Leo falls in love very quickly and there is nothing to hide about it. As soon as a Leo is in love, he/she will make it public without any second thoughts. Leos are naturally full of zest and vitality in the matters of love, sex and relationships. This is the reason that they expect a lot from relationships and this will lead to many heartbreaking situations and very sad moments but this is how a Leo spend his/her life. When they are old, they experience all the feelings of happiness and sadness but they do not regret it. This nature of a Leo lets them enjoy their lives without any regret despite of all the problems they have suffered. They are always happy and enjoy life to the best. It is important that a Leo and his/her partner should share common interests and enjoy lives because this is important for every relationship. Leos are really creative and passionate in their sex life and are capable of making everything special for the partner. Their partners always feel satisfied but the Leos need to go slow so that their partners feel comfortable during the act. Leos possess a great need for appreciation which is not usually met.

Leo Man

Leo men are known for their gregarious, enthusiastic and warm behavior that make him to sit on top of the world. He is extremely strong and dignified with a mesmerizing power surrounding him. Leo men are inborn leaders with good number of followers at their back. He is very strong in his decisions and it can’t be changed that easily. The Leo men loves to be in limelight and adore being center of attraction. Love, Sex, Romance, and Relationships Leo man approach love to be dramatic, spectacular, ground shaking and earth shattering. His partner should match him in warmth, generosity, confidence and strength. He is a romantic lover and loves pleasure in life. Understanding Leo Man Leo man may seem to be arrogant at first look but basically he is a compassionate and good hearted. He easily gets his respect from friends and family members. The Leo men are creative and never boring. Money He is more attracted towards finest things like expensive jewelry, big homes and fancy cars. Leo men are not very good at savings but at times he is strongly oblivious. Fashion Leo men are more attracted towards yellow and gold color. His wardrobe carries the best he can buy. In short, we can describe him as royal member bounded by extravagance. Relationships Leo man is good in maintaining friends and enjoys partying. He likes to deliver his opinions and voted as best too. Leo men are caring and generous who forgives without any intention. Romance Leo man is no way close to monotony and boredom. He is filled with numerous ideas and keeps on engaging his partner. He love to play games and impressed with all forms of romantic gestures. Health Leo men will involve in all forms of physical activities and highly prone to injuries and back pain. He loves to eat rich fatty food items that makes him hard to maintain his ideal weight.

Leo Women

The Leo Woman can be easily distinguished among everyone, mainly because of her confident strut, bright looking smile and a laugh which can be heard from a distance. At times she loses her temper but otherwise she is quite lively, playful and passionate. When she is angry, she needs to be calmed down with compliments. Love Leo women either want to have everything or nothing. The passion and intensity are main characteristics of their love life. Relationships In case Leo women are in relationship, they will be very faithful to their partners. She expects the same thing from her partner. Friendships Warm spirit and zest for life are the two main characteristics of a Leo woman. Fashion Leo women are like queen of the jungle and they like to look perfect at all time. The clothes they wear needs to be exclusive.

Leo Child

Leo child is basically an attention seeker. They always want to remain in the limelight. Children born with the Leo Zodiac sign grows up to live their life in the most luxurious way. A Leo child may lack the judgement skills. Like to be in the limelight A child born with Zodiac loves to remain in lime light always and thy leave no stones unturned to achieve the same. Knack for bossiness Since the Leo child grows with the belief that wherever he goes he will enjoy the limelight, occasionally he may behave indifferently when this does not take place. Living life king-size Leo born child grows up to live their lives in the most extravagant and exuberant ways. They do not repent in spending. Knack for making hasty judgments They have a natural instinct to get along easily with people who love them and also have the ability to shun the people who are least important to them.

Leo Health Horoscope

They have great stamina and strength. They generally enjoy excellent health. Whenever they fall ill, they have the tendency to recover much faster than others. They are adventurous people who like to live a carefree life. But they certainly need to be more particular about their diet and exercise. Muscular, heart, spine and stomach related problems could bother them generally.

Leo Finance Horoscope

Leo-born is not good managers but they are great leaders. Leo’s are outstanding in handling the general overall process but not in in-depth management. Leo possesses lot of vision and creativity. Leo need finance for the various pleasure it deliver. Leo is more attracted towards luxurious lifestyle filled with glamour and pomp. Even if they don’t have money, Leo’s live a lavish lifestyle. Because of this, at times, there may be financial crisis in Leo life. Finance for Leo is to help people economically. Leo’s Finance is mostly in procuring managerial capability and other services. Leo tends to generate job opportunity for people around them. According to Leo, money should be enjoyed. The 2nd house of Leo is occupied by Virgo which insists the need to develop the characteristics of discrimination, analysis and purity in money matters. Leo finances his friends and family just for pleasure. Leo also enjoys financial speculations which are mostly lucky for them. Leos have a tendency to lead a life, which is not monotonous and boring. They are highly spendthrifts, even when they have limited resources. They are born rich but tend to lose lot of money in their lifetime because of their tendency to take hasty decisions. But overall, Leos tend to be lucky where finance is concerned, as they are always able to manipulate finances to take care of their needs.

Leo Love Compatibility

Leo Love Aries

To some extent, they share common qualities. They both love to have freedom and stay highly energetic. Aries will never involve in life of Leo and at the same time, Leo respects Aries feeling. Together they share various ideas and thoughts among each other. They strongly believe that every person should get their chance to express. They love to travel outside, attend parties and have fun. The harmony in their relationship doesn’t get altered by their blunt behavior. Leo always strives to do their best and they are never stopped by Aries. All their monetary issues may get resolved completely with the help of their mutual love and trust.  

Aries Man and Leo Woman

They form one among the best relationship. They learn to respect each other and live contentedly. He love to explore novel ideas and experience new places which is most welcomed by her. They always care for their partner’s feelings and respect their achievements. There is lot of space for love, fun and excitement in their relationship.

Aries Woman and Leo Man

She always stays happy with him. She is attracted by his sociable traits and self-belief. The harmony in their relationship stays eternal. Her vigorous guts and intellectual nature is loved by him. His munificent nature and idealistic behavior magnetizes her.

Leo Love Taurus

Taurus born people are very rigid in nature, same in case of Leo too. They share permanent relationship. There is a probability for minor issues because of their dissimilarities. Leo likes to have attention of public. On the converse side, Taurus love to have reserved life and like to spend time only with close person. Irrespective of all these dissimilarities, they can understand their partner very well. They also realize the importance of their partner in their relationship. Their persistence behavior may lead to big problem very rarely.  

Taurus Man and Leo Woman

The common thing in this relationship is their extremely fervent nature. There is a chance for some issues at times. On financial platform they both carry different perspectives. She should get used to his immovable kind of adjustment. She can display patience only if he controls himself. Both of them are very good in terms of faithfulness and attachment.

Taurus Woman and Leo Man

If they can remain flexible, there is a chance for long term relationship. They respect their partner in this relationship. She should keep a strict control over her anger. He expects attention from every single person. Her faithfulness attracts him. They can make a very good match if they can realize their dissimilarities.

Leo Love Gemini

They share similar qualities and hence very little chance for problems in their relationship. They love to have pleasant life. They make their life enthusiastic by exploring new things. They both hate monotony in life. They like to live in this present. Leo will never indulge in the freedom of Gemini and at the same time, Gemini will not indulge unnecessarily in Leo. They may have a smooth relationship apart from times when Gemini consumes much time while taking any decision. Their zodiac match remains radiant. There is no chance for an expressive opinion and rational discussion. They brighten the life of their partner and know all the ways to live a happy life. Leo Man and Gemini Woman They both love to venture, face new challenges, love to have enthusiasm and have diversity. There is no chance of getting bored in their relationship. They may involve in sizzling issues but soon get calmed down. She tries to keep him in her toes but he knows how to satisfy her. They have fun and love to talk to each other. Leo Woman and Gemini Man This combination is highly energetic. They share their opinions with their partner. He never tries to dominate her. She always gives importance to his dream. His romantic shrugs and decoy entice her always.

Leo Love Cancer

Leo love their family but Cancerians display more concern towards their family. Leo strongly trust sovereignty and get suppressed by excess care and love. Cancer looks for a reciprocated trust and stable adore. Leo possess intense love towards their relationship and may get cold frequently. Cancer completes all his responsibility in family life. They may feel loneliness in their relationship at times. The compatibility in their relationship depends to the extend they both understand their partner. Cancer learns to be kind from Leo and Leo learn kindness from Cancer. Adjustment plays a major role in their relationship. Leo Man and Cancer Woman She may get hurt by his informal behavior and instable nature. He may get smoother to an extent because of her anxiety, heed and love that she shower towards him. Only if he understands her expectations in their relationship their relationship lasts longer. She should give him space for his enthusiasm and independence. Leo Woman and Cancer Man He likes to sit comfortably in his wing chair but she like to travel outside. He may appear to be dominating to her, while she likes to have freedom in life. They are slightly stiff and mulish in nature. At least one should be lenient for long lasting relationship. If they realize this, their relationship will travel towards victory.

Leo Love Leo

They share common qualities to some extent. Both love to have freedom and try to be energetic. They do not interfere in other person’s life. They share their ideas and thoughts with their partner. They strongly believe that every person should get his own chance to express. They both like to have fun, travel and attend parties. Harmony in their relation does not get affected by their blunt behavior. Leo love to do his best while Leo never interfere in his path. They mutual love and trust will help them to get rid of all monetary issues. Leo Man and Leo Woman They form one among the best partnership. They respect each other and live contentedly. His thoughts of exploring new places and new ideas will be encouraged by her. They give attention to their partner’s emotions and appraise each other’s achievement. Their partnership will be filled with love, fun and excitement. Leo Woman and Leo ManShe always remains happy with him. She is attracted by his sociable character and self belief. The harmony in their partnership stays eternal. The vigorous guts and intellectual ability of Leo attracts Leo man. His munificent nature and idealistic attitude fascinates her.

Leo Love Virgo

Both are completely different in their nature. Leo born always looks for appreciation and attention from all people present around them. He loves to deliver an attractive look. On the other hand, Virgo is very peaceful personality and believes in reserve and humbleness. He is somewhat timid. One is very obsessive and the other is quite dangerous. This in turn makes him very picky and may bother the other to certain extent. Leo is highly responsive towards condemnation. The nature of Virgo may affect the compatibility in the relationship. On the other hand, Leo takes this situation for granted. The inactive Virgo may get conflicted with Leo’s outgoing character. This relationship may go strong if they both adjust slightly.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman

Together they form a successful relationship. She belongs to the category of sticklers who hate dirty areas. She looks for approval for all her effort she takes in making things ideal in life. He is very careless when it comes to above matter. She is too censure and he is very difficult.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man

Their relationship remains good during initial days. She likes him a lot but he is not committed seriously. She may go brood because of her inability to express his love. She may push to feel reviled. She doesn’t belong to the category of obedient wife. Her love escapade and he love to have constancy.

Leo Love Libra

They both share common personality traits. They fall in love effortlessly. They don’t fall for fiction and they are also away from any idealistic signs like gift exchange and charitable actions. They both shower love and make their love to feel something special. They both love to enjoy parties and company of people. The obstinacy of Leo will balance perfectly with Libra’s flexibility. On other side, Libra can effectively handle Lion with mediation and discretion and can get all the things done perfectly from their partner. Both love better belongings and prefer to live in present life.

Leo Man and Libra Woman

Their relationship remains to be an everlasting association. Both are very daring and outgoing personalities. They both like ovation sound and attention. Both of them love to wear beautiful clothes and enjoy music and art. Their relationship is filled with enthusiasm, fervor, fiction and adore. Their tuning is amazingly great. She completely hates judgmental and he likes to guide people.

Leo Woman and Libra Man<.p> If he is looking for a kind of permanent relationship, she can give him the best and ideal choice. They possess various similar characteristics and thereby establish good harmony in relationship. There is a space for abundance romance. Both of them are full with obsession and also express themselves very clearly all their feelings. Every time they meet, he comes with creative and novel ideas. She too gives complete attention to his heed and approval. This is a highly influential relationship.

Leo Love Scorpio

Both the individuals are filled with excitement. They possess strong feeling towards independence. They cannot digest injustice. Scorpio always looks ahead for safe relationship and deeply attach with their partner in their relation. Leo does not show much attention in getting so close with anyone. The angry behavior of Leo appears to be major concern. Scorpio cannot go easy in forgiving and forgetting. This relationship goes well only if there is optimistic behavior from both. Leo violence fascinates Scorpio. Leo Man and Scorpio Woman She gets attracted towards his violence, sturdy determination and assurance. His severity coordinates her ardor. They make feel slightly difficult to carry on their relationship because of this opinion differences. They carry their own dream. Care should be taken to respect their partner. Leo Woman and Scorpio Man He never goes with her attitude of dominance. She will be over enthusiastic and filled with eager. His strong character and puzzling behavior fascinates her. She will never get bored in his presence. Her liveliness and wildness attracts him.

Leo Love Sagittarius

This is one among the ideal partnership with excellent compatibility between them. Their partnership is filled with craze and zeal. Both are highly enthusiastic. Leo violence can’t give threat to Sagittarius. They need their own space. They both strongly believe in giving free space to other person. They never try to dominate. They stand beside their partner in times of any harsh condition. They should be very cautious on their monetary terms. Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman This relationship is decided by God. His aptitude entertains Sagittarius woman. Her originality captivates him. His jovial nature fascinates her and her charm excites him. There is very less chance for any issues in their relationship. Leo Woman and Sagittarius ManBoth are highly intellectual. His impulsiveness is well complemented by her spontaneity. They love to explore new things. There is a chance that she may get hurt by his completely straight forward behavior. Other than this, there is a very little chance for any issue.

Leo Love Capricorn

Their compatibility totally depends on mutual understanding between them. Both are highly goal oriented personalities. They may take a different route to achieve their target. Capricorn relies on definite approach whereas Capricorn stands on ingenuity and autonomy. Capricorn believes to perform in concrete platform where his role is clearly defined and at the same time, he also trusts society and ethnicity but Leo don’t have any such formality. This may generate a misunderstanding between them. Their relationship needs abundant forbearance. Leo Man and Capricorn Woman There is a greater chance for disagreement. They both stand firmly with strong determination. He dedicatedly finishes his target once he decides with that which in turn disturbs her. The overspending nature of him disturbs her a lot. If they need to keep up their relationship they should give chance for their partner. Leo Woman and Capricorn Man They should cooperate with each other in order to make their relationship successful. The fervor form of hers is completely opposite to his prudent character. She is completely extrovert and he is too introverted. There may be some difficulty in maintaining this relationship but not impossible. Their relationship bond is strengthened by open-mindedness and serenity

Leo Love Aquarius

They possess great compatibility among themselves. They possess almost similar characters. They strongly trust excitement and liberty. They vibrant nature can be witness in their relationship too. They do not believe in any form of social customs. Both of them love to have independence. They value each other’s independence and individuality. They appear to be cheerful and enormously bouncy. They remain in this happy relationship. They make an exemplary partnership. Leo Man and Aquarius WomanThey manage their things very gladly. His freedom nature is complemented by her self-determination and on the other side, his violent behavior deceits Aquarius woman. They stay in a highly productive chat and will never get over with their partner. Leo Woman and Aquarius ManThey need to adjust in their relationship. He correctly knows the exact time to stay with her. They both carry appreciable merits. His unexpected behavior and venture sense attracts her. Her intellectual performance fascinates him. There is a small chance for dissimilarity which get resolved very quickly.

Leo Love Pisces

They doesn’t make into the platform of best couple. The receptive nature of Pisces gets hurt by Leo honesty. Leo is very fast in taking any decision when compared to Pisces. There is a chance for long lasting relationship if they learn to adjust with their differences. The disappointed Leo may get cured and pacified by the gentle nature of Pisces. Leo believe in freedom whereas Pisces may look for closeness. Susceptible Pisces get attracted towards the valor and promising Leo. Leo Man and Pisces Woman They can make a good relationship. She likes to stay dependent on him. Her appealing look attracts him. She should take care of her harsh behavior which may hurt him. It may definitely end up in quarrel. This will be a promising relationship only if they learn to adjust.Leo Woman and Pisces Man It will be very difficult for them to adjust among themselves. They may be dreamy. He remains to be highly responsive and she should keep a check on her assertiveness. He should be broad minded at times and give her freedom. They can enjoy their relationship if they learn to praise their dissimilar virtues.

Leo Marriage Compatibility

Leo Weds Aries

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relationship. This relation is considered to be perfect among all. There is nothing to be feared of in this relation as it is reliable and true. It will turn out to be an eternal and exceptional relationship. However, at times, dissonance and disappointment can be created due to ego. Leo is mature enough to handle the things.

Leo Weds Taurus

This is a square or 1 – 4 relationship. Arrogant Leo will not be able to get along with stubborn Taurus. This relation is not an eternal one. Both of them will not be able to find comfortable zone. They have considerable understanding and love, but they cannot get along together.

Leo Weds Gemini

This relation is 1 – 3, which is quite promising.Gaudy and conceited Leo enjoys relation with Gemini. It can turn out to be an honorable, reliable, balanced and elongated relation.

Leo Weds Cancer

This relation is 1 – 2. This liaison can be an ultimate one. Life will move smoothly, even though, there can be quarrel at times. It can be thought of building this relation.

Leo Weds Leo

This relation is 1 – 1. One can have faith upon this association. Both of you are fervent, kind, arrogant and self-centered. Both of them will learn to adjust with each other, however, there will be conflict at times. This relation is predicted to be a long one.

Leo Weds Virgo

This relation is 1- 2. This relation is not made for each other. Your life will be completely tarnished if you get in this relation. It will be very difficult for receptive Virgo to move ahead with insensitive and bigheaded Leo. It is better to say no to preserve the harmony and serenity.

Leo Weds Libra

This relation is 1 – 3. This relation is always considered to be permanent and pure. Misunderstanding can crop up at times but it can be sorted out easily. Emotional and social support will be provided by Leo to extremely enduring Libra.

Leo Weds Scorpio

This is a square or 1- 4 relation. This relation is not suitable for wedding. Smooth going life will be interrupted by huge quarrel and abusing. They will not be able to comprehend each other. They will not be able to find enjoyment in each other’s company even if both of them are propitious for each other.

Leo Weds Sagittarius

This is a trine or 1 – 5 relation, which provides tremendous results constantly. There will be cherished moments and it will run peacefully. Both of them will be able to understand each other in a proper manner. Both of you will be should companion for one another. Egoistic and lurid Leo will provide monetary, social and emotional support to Sagittarius.

Leo Weds Capricorn

This relation is 1 – 6. There will be no happiness in this relation and it will end up in a bad condition. They both are not made for each other. There will be dissonance, disappointment and violence in this relation. One of you will have serious health issues. Take care.

Leo Weds Aquarius

This is a contrary or 1 – 7 relation. However, there will be considerable physical attraction between the two. But, these two sigs cannot be in a relation for long. There is no real love or commitment in this relation and there is only infatuation. Both of you will find it difficult to cooperate and give up and may be willful.

Leo Weds Pisces

This relation is 1 – 8, which is considered to be the nastiest one and highly ill-fated. Both sentiments and life will be destroyed. It may be fine for physical contentment and romance, but not for getting in a wedding. The two of you will not be able to move ahead together even though there is adequate amount of love. To retain silence and accord just say no.

Leo Lucky Things